R: Word Cloud Case Study#

By Jacky Poon, originally published in Actuaries Digital as Analytics Snippet: In the Library.

Libraries and Packages#

In R, we will be using:

  • plotly for the pie charts,

  • dplyr for data manipulation,

  • tm for text mining,

  • wordcloud for word clouds,

  • and RColorBrewer for a touch of colour.

Loading required package: ggplot2

Attaching package: ‘plotly’

The following object is masked from ‘package:ggplot2’:


The following object is masked from ‘package:stats’:


The following object is masked from ‘package:graphics’:


Attaching package: ‘dplyr’

The following objects are masked from ‘package:stats’:

    filter, lag

The following objects are masked from ‘package:base’:

    intersect, setdiff, setequal, union

Loading required package: NLP

Attaching package: ‘NLP’

The following object is masked from ‘package:ggplot2’:


Loading required package: RColorBrewer

If you do not have these packages installed previously, you will need to run install.packages to install them (e.g.install.packages("plotly"))

Reading the Data#

Let’s download the data from the [Brisbane City Open Data Portal] (https://www.data.brisbane.qld.gov.au/data/dataset/library-checkouts-branch-date) which is publicly available under [Creative Commons Attribution 4.0] (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/):

temp <- tempfile()
download.file("https://www.data.brisbane.qld.gov.au/data/dataset/53d02339-1818-43df-9845-83808e5e247e/resource/ed431a68-15f2-430e-b140-4c603597680a/download/library-checkouts-all-branches-december-2017.csv.zip", temp, mode="wb")

data <- read.csv(unz(temp, "Library Checkouts all Branches December 2017.csv")) 

Inspecting the data, we have title, author, item type, age, and the library branch it was checked out from, as well as various IDs:

A data.frame: 75176 × 10
Ashes to ashes / Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian Han, Jenny YA-PBK HAN 34000092366921YA-PBK ON-SHELVES YA CDE201712070001
Silicon chip AD-MAGS V.30 NO.11 NOV 201734000103390480AD-MAGS ON-SHELVES ADULT HPK201712070006
Nepal / written and researched by Bradley Mayhew, Lindsay Brown, Trent Holden Mayhew, Bradley 915.496 MAY 34000089583934NONFICTIONON-SHELVES ADULT CNL201712070017
Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya / written and researched by Bradley Mayhew, Lindsay Brown, Stuart Butler Mayhew, Bradley 915.496 MAY 34000099615932NONFICTIONON-SHELVES ADULT CNL201712070017
The destroyers / Christopher Bollen Bollen, Christopher, 1975-AD-PBK BOL 34000102849353AD-PBK ON-SHELVES ADULT BSQ201712070035
The lonely city : adventures in the art of being alone / Olivia Laing Laing, Olivia 700.19 LAI 34000100432228NONFICTIONON-SHELVES ADULT BSQ201712070035
Too many elephants in this house / Ursula Dubosarsky ; pictures by Andrew Joyner Dubosarsky, Ursula, 1961- PICTURE-BK DUB 34000092809425PICTURE-BKON-SHELVES JUVENILESBK201712070135
Lost cities of the ancients [dvd] Clifton, Dan 930.1 LOS 34000084965854DVD ON-SHELVES ADULT SGT201712070138
Blind faith / Rebecca Zanetti Zanetti, Rebecca AD-PBK ZAN 34000096686480AD-PBK ON-SHELVES ADULT SGT201712070138
Divided / Sharon M. Johnston Johnston, Sharon M AD-PBK JOH 34000102465747AD-PBK ON-SHELVES ADULT SGT201712070138
Battlestorm / Susan Krinard Krinard, Susan AD-PBK KRI 34000102655537AD-PBK ON-SHELVES ADULT SGT201712070138
Blind date / Bella Jewel Jewel, Bella AD-PBK JEW 34000103727624AD-PBK ON-SHELVES ADULT SGT201712070138
Mist / Susan Krinard Krinard, Susan AD-PBK KRI 34000092716661AD-PBK ON-SHELVES ADULT SGT201712070138
Black ice / Susan Krinard Krinard, Susan AD-PBK KRI 34000095495792AD-PBK ON-SHELVES ADULT SGT201712070138
Islands : a New Zealand journey / [written by] Bruce Ansley and [illustrated by] Jane Ussher Ansley, Bruce 919.399 ANS 34000101727212NONFICTIONON-SHELVES ADULT SBK201712070203
Great southern land / Ivan O'Mahoney & Steve Bibb O'Mahoney, Ivan 919.4 OMA 34000091354852NONFICTIONON-SHELVES ADULT SBK201712070203
What a wonderful life : with positive psychology / Sarah Zobel Koelpin ; translated by Hans Wrang and Martin Aitken Koelpin, Sarah Zobel 158 KOE 34000084428622NONFICTIONON-SHELVES ADULT GCY201712070208
The everyday entrepreneur : apply the triple threat of amibition, confidence, and conviction for success on your own terms / Rob Basso with Adina Genn Basso, Rob 658.111 BAS 34000087303970NONFICTIONON-SHELVESUNKNOWNADULT GCY201712070208
Employee to entrepreneur : how to ditch the day job and start your own business / Chris Garden and Catherine Blackburn Garden, Chris 658.11 GAR 34000091056747NONFICTIONON-SHELVES ADULT GCY201712070208
It starts with passion : how to love what you do and do what you love / Keith Abraham Abraham, Keith 158.1 ABR 34000092840107NONFICTIONON-SHELVES ADULT GCY201712070208
Love karma : use your intuition to find, create, and nuture love in your life / Char Margolis Margolis, Char 131 MAR 34000092935758NONFICTIONON-SHELVES ADULT GCY201712070208
The five principles of spiritual reality / Paul Guggenheimer Guggenheimer, Paul 248.4 GUG 34000093192375NONFICTIONON-SHELVES ADULT GCY201712070208
The future is yours! : how to effectively manage the whole world, including life, family, and business, and remain true to yourself / Rolf U. Kramer, MA Kramer, Rolf U 658 KRA 34000093777076NONFICTIONON-SHELVES ADULT GCY201712070208
Chicken soup for the soul : touched by an angel : 101 miraculous stories of faith, divine intervention, and answered prayers / Amy Newmark ; foreword by Gabrielle Bernstein Newmark, Amy 235.3 CHI 34000098320765NONFICTIONON-SHELVES ADULT GCY201712070208
I know how to live, I know how to die : the teachings of Dadi Janki : a warm, radical, and life-affirming iew of who we are, where we come from, and what time is calling us to do / Neville HodgkinsonHodgkinson, Neville 294.544 JAN 34000097752158NONFICTIONON-SHELVES ADULT GCY201712070208
9 ways to a resilient child / Dr. Justin Coulson Coulson, Justin 649.1 COU 34000102689148NONFICTIONON-SHELVES ADULT GCY201712070208
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [dvd] Grint, Rupert, 1988- DVD 34000094318805DVD ON-SHELVES ADULT CDE201712070228
Million dollar baby [dvd] Eastwood, Clint, 1930- DVD 34000094719796DVD ON-SHELVES ADULT CDE201712070228
Test your brain [dvd] 153 TES 34000099772220DVD ON-SHELVES ADULT CDE201712070228
The hunger games [dvd]. Mockingjay. Part 1 Craig, Peter, 1969- DVD 34000098370794DVD ON-SHELVES ADULT CDE201712070228
The Detective Dog / written by Julia Donaldson ; illustrated by Sara Ogilvie Donaldson, Julia PICTURE-BK DON 34000100677152PICTURE-BKON-SHELVES JUVENILESBK201712092210
May Gibbs' tales from the billabong / May Gibbs, Jane Massam ; illustrated by Caroline Keys Gibbs, May, 1877-1969 PICTURE-BK GIB 34000101041499PICTURE-BKON-SHELVES JUVENILESBK201712092210
A bus called heaven / Bob Graham Graham, Bob, 1942- PICTURE-BK GRA 34000101790475PICTURE-BKON-SHELVES JUVENILESBK201712092210
Zogk / by Julia Donaldson & illustrated by Axel Scheffler Donaldson, Julia PICTURE-BK DON 34000101124097PICTURE-BKON-SHELVES JUVENILESBK201712092210
Too many elephants in this house / Ursula Dubosarsky ; pictures by Andrew Joyner Dubosarsky, Ursula, 1961-PICTURE-BK DUB 34000093607851PICTURE-BKON-SHELVES JUVENILESBK201712092210
My husband next door / Catherine Alliott Alliott, Catherine LARGEPRINT 34000093335826LARGEPRINTON-SHELVES ADULT IPY201712092216
Oskar and Mo / Britta Teckentrup Teckentrup, Britta PICTURE-BK TEC 34000103971511PICTURE-BKON-SHELVES JUVENILESCR201712092217
When Luke Skywalker became an X-wing pilot / [written by Trey King] King, Trey PICTURE-BK KIN 34000100725670PICTURE-BKON-SHELVES JUVENILESCR201712092217
Miffy at school / Dick Bruna Bruna, Dick PICTURE-BK BRU 34000102491511PICTURE-BKON-SHELVES JUVENILESCR201712092217
The art of keeping secrets / Rachael Johns Johns, Rachael AD-PBK JOH 34000101131142AD-PBK ON-SHELVES ADULT MIT201712092223
Good night, sleep tight / written by Mem Fox ; iIllustrated by Judy Horacek Fox, Mem, 1946- PICTURE-BK FOX 34000089911861PICTURE-BKON-SHELVESUNKNOWNJUVENILEIPY201712092226
Ollie and the wind / Ronojoy Ghosh Ghosh, Ronojoy PICTURE-BK GHO 34000098533367PICTURE-BKON-SHELVES JUVENILEIPY201712092226
Harry the dirty dog / by Gene Zion ; Pictures by Margaret Bloy Graham Zion, Gene PICTURE-BK ZIO 34000100673573PICTURE-BKON-SHELVES JUVENILEIPY201712092226
Gracie and Josh / Susanne Gervay Gervay, Susanne, 1951- PICTURE-BK GAR 34000091320861PICTURE-BKON-SHELVESUNKNOWNJUVENILEIPY201712092226
Conception, pregnancy and birth / Miriam Stoppard ; [Australian consultant : Jonathan Morris] Stoppard, Miriam, 1937- 618.2 STO 34000090407669NONFICTIONON-SHELVESUNKNOWNADULT CDE201712092229
The one man / Andrew Gross Gross, Andrew, 1952- AD-PBK GRO 34000101056893AD-PBK ON-SHELVES ADULT CDE201712092229
The caveman / Jorn Lier Horst ; translated by Anne Bruce Horst, J²rn Lier, 1970- AD-PBK HOR 34000097764484AD-PBK ON-SHELVES ADULT CDE201712092229
Bumpology : a myth-busting guide for curious parents-to-be / Linda Geddes Geddes, Linda 618.2 GED 34000090987520NONFICTIONON-SHELVESUNKNOWNADULT CDE201712092229
How to conceive naturally : and have a healthy pregnancy after 30 / Christa Orecchio, CN and Willow Buckley, CCH, CD (DONA) ; foreword by Sara Gottfried, MDOrecchio, Christa 618.178 ORE 34000099596801NONFICTIONON-SHELVES ADULT CDE201712092229
Mastering civility : a manifesto for the workplace / Christine Porath Porath, Christine Lynne 650.13 POR 34000102617065NONFICTIONON-SHELVES ADULT GNG201712092236
New scientist (Australasian ed.) AD-MAGS V.235 NO.3143 SEP 16, 201734000103548699AD-MAGS ON-SHELVES ADULT GNG201712092236
Sorting the beef from the bull : the science of food fraud forensics / Richard Evershed & Nicola Temple Evershed, Richard 664.07 EVE 34000103729729NONFICTIONON-SHELVES ADULT GNG201712092236
GQ Australia AD-MAGS JUN/JUL 2017 34000102347754AD-MAGS ON-SHELVES ADULT GNG201712092236
The Tea Chest / Josephine Moon Moon, Josephine AD-PBK MOO 34000093833853AD-PBK ON-SHELVESUNKNOWNADULT CDA201712092249
Power play / Catherine Coulter Coulter, Catherine LARGEPRINT 34000093370294LARGEPRINTON-SHELVES ADULT CDA201712092253
NYPD Red. 3 / James Patterson and Marshall Karp Patterson, James, 1947- LARGEPRINT 34000098959505LARGEPRINTON-SHELVES ADULT CDA201712092253
The good life : over 160 easy, delicious recipes for a healthy, lean lifestyle / Sally Obermeder + Maha Koraiem Obermeder, Sally 641.563 OBE 34000100617844NONFICTIONON-SHELVES ADULT CRA201712092325
How to land a jumbo jet : a visual exploration of travel facts, figures and ephemera / edited by Nigel Holmes Holmes, Nigel, 1942- 910.202 HOW 34000088234091NONFICTIONON-SHELVESUNKNOWNADULT BSQ201712092355
Land of the turquoise mountains : journeys across Iran / Cyrus Massoudi Massoudi, Cyrus 915.5 MAS 34000097303937NONFICTIONON-SHELVES ADULT BSQ201712092355
Thinking about it only makes it worse : and other lessons from modern life / David Mitchell Mitchell, David, 1974- 827.92 MIT 34000096553490NONFICTIONON-SHELVES ADULT BSQ201712092355

There is a language column, but it has many blanks and UNKNOWN values so that does not appear to be very useful.

What sort of items are being checked out?#

plot_ly(width=900, height=450) %>% 
  add_pie(data=count(data, Age), labels = ~Age, values= ~n, 
          type = 'pie', textinfo = 'label+percent', domain = list(x = c(0.6, 1), y = c(0, 1))) %>%
  add_pie(data=count(data, Item.type), labels = ~Item.type, values= ~n, 
          type = 'pie', textinfo = 'label+percent', domain = list(x = c(0, 0.4), y = c(0, 1))) %>%
         xaxis = list(showgrid = FALSE, zeroline = FALSE, showticklabels = FALSE),
         yaxis = list(showgrid = FALSE, zeroline = FALSE, showticklabels = FALSE))